ICD-10 diseases codes online database

Chapter XX

Exposure to inanimate mechanical forces - W20-W49

[See at the beginning of this chapter for fourth-character subdivisions]
  • assault ( X85-Y09 )
  • contact or collision with animals or persons ( W50-W64 )
  • intentional self-harm ( X60-X84 )
  • W20 Struck by thrown, projected or falling object
  • W21 Striking against or struck by sports equipment
  • W22 Striking against or struck by other objects
  • W23 Caught, crushed, jammed or pinched in or between objects
  • W24 Contact with lifting and transmission devices, not elsewhere classified
  • W25 Contact with sharp glass
  • W26 Contact with knife, sword or dagger
  • W27 Contact with nonpowered hand tool
  • W28 Contact with powered lawnmower
  • W29 Contact with other powered hand tools and household machinery
  • W30 Contact with agricultural machinery
  • W31 Contact with other and unspecified machinery
  • W32 Handgun discharge
  • W33 Rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge
  • W34 Discharge from other and unspecified firearms
  • W35 Explosion and rupture of boiler
  • W36 Explosion and rupture of gas cylinder
  • W37 Explosion and rupture of pressurized tyre, pipe or hose
  • W38 Explosion and rupture of other specified pressurized devices
  • W39 Discharge of firework
  • W40 Explosion of other materials
  • W41 Exposure to high-pressure jet
  • W42 Exposure to noise
  • W43 Exposure to vibration
  • W44 Foreign body entering into or through eye or natural orifice
  • W45 Foreign body or object entering through skin
  • W49 Exposure to other and unspecified inanimate mechanical forces

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