ICD-10 diseases codes online database

Chapter XX

Assault - X85-Y09

[See at the beginning of this chapter for fourth-character subdivisions]
  • homicide
  • injuries inflicted by another person with intent to injure or kill, by any means
  • injuries due to:
  • legal intervention ( Y35.- )
  • operations of war ( Y36.- )
  • X85 Assault by drugs, medicaments and biological substances
  • X86 Assault by corrosive substance
  • X87 Assault by pesticides
  • X88 Assault by gases and vapours
  • X89 Assault by other specified chemicals and noxious substances
  • X90 Assault by unspecified chemical or noxious substance
  • X91 Assault by hanging, strangulation and suffocation
  • X92 Assault by drowning and submersion
  • X93 Assault by handgun discharge
  • X94 Assault by rifle, shotgun and larger firearm discharge
  • X95 Assault by other and unspecified firearm discharge
  • X96 Assault by explosive material
  • X97 Assault by smoke, fire and flames
  • X98 Assault by steam, hot vapours and hot objects
  • X99 Assault by sharp object
  • Y00 Assault by blunt object
  • Y01 Assault by pushing from high place
  • Y02 Assault by pushing or placing victim before moving object
  • Y03 Assault by crashing of motor vehicle
  • Y04 Assault by bodily force
  • Y05 Sexual assault by bodily force
  • Y06 Neglect and abandonment
  • Y07 Other maltreatment syndromes
  • Y08 Assault by other specified means
  • Y09 Assault by unspecified means

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