ICD-10 diseases codes online database

Chapter XX

Drugs, medicaments and biological substances causing adverse effects in therapeutic use - Y40-Y59

Note: For list of specific drugs classified under the fourth-character subdivisions, see Table of drugs and chemicals in Alphabetical Index.
  • accidents in the technique of administration of drugs, medicaments and biological substances in medical and surgical procedures ( Y60-Y69 )
  • Y40 Systemic antibiotics
  • Y41 Other systemic anti-infectives and antiparasitics
  • Y42 Hormones and their synthetic substitutes and antagonists, not elsewhere classified
  • Y43 Primarily systemic agents
  • Y44 Agents primarily affecting blood constituents
  • Y45 Analgesics, antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Y46 Antiepileptics and antiparkinsonism drugs
  • Y47 Sedatives, hypnotics and antianxiety drugs
  • Y48 Anaesthetics and therapeutic gases
  • Y49 Psychotropic drugs, not elsewhere classified
  • Y50 Central nervous system stimulants, not elsewhere classified
  • Y51 Drugs primarily affecting the autonomic nervous system
  • Y52 Agents primarily affecting the cardiovascular system
  • Y53 Agents primarily affecting the gastrointestinal system
  • Y54 Agents primarily affecting water-balance and mineral and uric acid metabolism
  • Y55 Agents primarily acting on smooth and skeletal muscles and the respiratory system
  • Y56 Topical agents primarily affecting skin and mucous membrane and ophthalmological, otorhinolaryngological and dental drugs
  • Y57 Other and unspecified drugs and medicaments
  • Y58 Bacterial vaccines
  • Y59 Other and unspecified vaccines and biological substances

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