ICD-10 diseases codes online database

Chapter XX

Failure in dosage during surgical and medical care - Y63

  • accidental overdose of drug or wrong drug given in error ( X40-X44 )
Y63.0 Excessive amount of blood or other fluid given during transfusion or infusion
Y63.1 Incorrect dilution of fluid used during infusion
Y63.2 Overdose of radiation given during therapy
Y63.3 Inadvertent exposure of patient to radiation during medical care
Y63.4 Failure in dosage in electroshock or insulin-shock therapy
Y63.5 Inappropriate temperature in local application and packing
Y63.6 Nonadministration of necessary drug, medicament or biological substance
Y63.8 Failure in dosage during other surgical and medical care
Y63.9 Failure in dosage during unspecified surgical and medical care

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