ICD-10 diseases codes online database

Chapter XXI

Contraceptive management - Z30

Z30.0 General counselling and advice on contraception
Family planning advice NOS
Initial prescription of contraceptives
Z30.1 Insertion of (intrauterine) contraceptive device
Z30.2 Sterilization
Admission for interruption of fallopian tubes or vasa deferentia
Z30.3 Menstrual extraction
Interception of pregnancy
Menstrual regulation
Z30.4 Surveillance of contraceptive drugs
Repeat prescription for contraceptive pill or other contraceptive drugs
Routine examination for contraceptive maintenance
Z30.5 Surveillance of (intrauterine) contraceptive device
Checking, reinsertion or removal of (intrauterine) contraceptive device
Z30.8 Other contraceptive management
Postvasectomy sperm count
Z30.9 Contraceptive management, unspecified

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