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"Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate"

Indications and usages ATC and ICD codes:

ATC codes: N / A
ICD-10 codes: N / A

Alphabetical lists of pharmaceutical products containing Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate:

Active ingredients Trade names | Pharmaceutical companies
Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate Alum - Ratiopharm
Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate Dodecahydrate Alum - Produits Marc-O 1987
Alum - Regal Pharmaceuticals
Alum - Stanley Pharmaceuticals
Powdered Alum - Lawton's Drug Stores
Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate
Boric Acid
Salicylic Acid
Lucretin - Americano de Farmacoterapia Laboratorio
Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate
Eucalyptus Oil
Methyl Salicylate
Sodium Chloride
Massengill Powder - GlaxoSmithKline
Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate Dodecahydrate
Magnesium Sulfate
Methyl Salicylate
Peppermint Oil
Reducine Medicated Poultice Paste - Bee Smart Products Division
Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate Dodecahydrate
Copper (Copper Sulfate)
Iron (Ferrous Subsulfate)
Gimborn Quik Klot - Gimborn Pet Specialties
Kwik Stop - Gimborn Pet Specialties; ARC Enterprises
Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate Dodecahydrate
Ferrous Sulfate
Tannic Acid
Blood Stopper - Equivet; Remedy Animal Health Products
Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate Dodecahydrate
Iron (Ferrous Sulfate)
Tannic Acid
Thymol Iodide
Blood Stop Powder Dominion - Dominion Veterinary Laboratories
Hemostop - Professional Veterinary Laboratories

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