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"Biphenyl Dimethyl Dicarboxylate"

Indications and usages ATC and ICD codes:

ATC codes: N / A
ICD-10 codes: N / A

Alphabetical lists of pharmaceutical products containing Biphenyl Dimethyl Dicarboxylate:

Active ingredients Trade names | Pharmaceutical companies
Biphenyl Dimethyl Dicarboxylate Activer - Korea Arlico Pharm
Argi-B - Unimed Pharmaceuticals
BDCell - Myungmoon Pharm
BDD - Dong Nam
Bedad - Young Il Pharm; Trung Dung Pharmaceutical
Bipheran - Hutecs Korea Pharmaceutical
Decaxy - Boram Pharm
Didcartuss - Daewoong Pharmaceutical
Dimeka - Daewon Pharmaceutical
Doliv - Domesco Medical Import-Export
Esseil - Davi Pharm
Fortec - ICA Biotechnological & Pharmaceutical
Ganolat - Korea Prime Pharma
Hepasel - Beijing Union Pharmaceutical Factory; Unico Alliance Company
Hepatrol - Kyung Dong Pharmaceutical; Hoang Khang
HP-Argyl - Thephaco
Hselo - Il Hwa
Hubopa - Il Hwa
ICA-BDD - Phil Inter Pharma
Kosoma - Korea Pharma
Lebicel - Daewon Pharmaceutical; Nhan Hoa Pharma
Livcility - Kyung Dong Pharmaceutical
Livertis - Danapha Pharmaceutical
Livocal - OPV
Mactagen - Kyung Dong Pharmaceutical
Medicakanema - Medica Korea
Methionine - Young Poong Pharmaceutical; Green Cross Corporation
Meyerbinyl - Meyer BPC Pharmaceuticals
Nissel - PharmaKing; Unico Alliance Company
Omitan - Asia Pharm; Hoang Khang
Philcell - Phil Inter Pharma; Morning Star Pharma
Phileuxol - Phil Inter Pharma; Nafarma
Pyme Reobil - Pymepharco
RB - Sinil Pharmaceutical; Dai Bac
Riverurso - Medica Korea
Seofotin - Kyung Dong Pharmaceutical
Skadia - Sky New Pharm
Timi Hepatic - Quang Minh
Timihepatic - Young Poong Pharmaceutical
VI-BDD - F.T. Pharma
Biphenyl Dimethyl Dicarboxylate
Garlic Oil
Pennel - PharmaKing; Unico Alliance Company

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