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Indications and usages ATC and ICD codes:

ATC codes: D07AB03; D07BB01; D07CB05; D07XB01; S02CA02
ICD-10 codes: N / A

Alphabetical lists of pharmaceutical products containing Flumetasone:

Active ingredients Trade names | Pharmaceutical companies
Flumetasone Aniprime
Flucort - Wyeth; Syntex
Lexifal - Inquifave
Flumetasone Pivalate Cerson - Riemser Arzneimittel
Locacorten - Novartis; Amdipharm; Bioglan
Locorten - Novartis
Locortene - Novartis
Lorinden - Medphano Arzneimittel
Neomycin Sulfate
Polymyxin B Sulfate
Anaprime - Syntex
Flumetasone Pivalate
Locacorten Vioform - Novartis; Amdipharm; Bioglan; Paladin Laboratories; Squire Pharmaceuticals
Locacortene Vioforme - Novartis; Genopharm Laboratoires
Locorten Drops - Novartis
Locorten Vioform - Novartis; AFT Pharmaceuticals; Amdipharm
Locorten Vioformio - Novartis
Locorten Vioformo - Novartis
Locortene Vioformo - Novartis
Lorinden C - Jelfa Pharmaceuticals Works; Dong-A Pharmaceutical; Polfa Ciech
Topicorten V - Trima Pharmaceuticals
Flumetasone Pivalate
Coal Tar
Salicylic Acid
Locacorten Tar - Novartis; Max Ritter Pharma
Locacortene Tar - Novartis
Locorten Tar - Novartis; Zyma
Lorinden T - Medphano Arzneimittel
Psocortene - Genopharm Laboratoires; Medipha Sante Laboratoire
Topicorten-Tar - Trima Pharmaceuticals
Flumetasone Pivalate
Gentamicin Sulfate
Vasosterone Oto - Angelini
Flumetasone Pivalate
Tresite F - Temis Lostalo Laboratorios
Flumetasone Pivalate
Neomycin Sulfate
Flutalon - Organifar
Locacorten Neomycin - Novartis
Locacortene - Novartis; Medipha Sante Laboratoire
Locorten Neomicina - Novartis; Zyma
Locorten Ointment - Novartis
Lorinden N - Jelfa Pharmaceuticals Works; Dong-A Pharmaceutical; Polfa Ciech
Flumetasone Pivalate
Salicylic Acid
Flumasalen - T.O. Chemicals 1979
Locacorten med Salicylsyre - Novartis
Locasalen - Novartis; Amdipharm; Bioglan; Invida; Pro Concepta Zug; Sandoz; Zuellig Pharma
Locasalene - Novartis; Genopharm Laboratoires; Medipha Sante Laboratoire; Pro Concepta Zug
Lorinden A - Jelfa Pharmaceuticals Works; Dong-A Pharmaceutical; Polfa Ciech
Losalen - Novartis
Salena - Novartis
Topisalen - Trima Pharmaceuticals
Flumetasone Pivalate
Locacorten Triclosan - Novartis; Max Ritter Pharma
Logamel - Novartis
Neolog - Zyma

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