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Indications and usages ATC and ICD codes:

ATC codes: R03AC13; R03AK07
ICD-10 codes: J43; J44; J45

Alphabetical lists of pharmaceutical products containing Formoterol:

Active ingredients Trade names | Pharmaceutical companies
Formoterol Deriform - Zydus Cadila; German Remedies
Deriform Respules - Zydus Cadila; German Remedies
Formotil - Genepharma Group
Formoterol Fumarate Asmatec - UCB Pharma
Atimos - Chiesi
Atimos Modulite - Trinity Chiesi Pharmaceuticals
Atock - Astellas Pharma; Zuellig Pharma
Broncoral - Ferrer Farma
Delnil - Sandoz; DuraScan Medical Products
Eolus - Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals
Fluir - Schering-Plough
Foradil - Novartis; Astellas Pharma; Bayer Schering Pharma; Merck; Schering-Plough; Zuellig Pharma
Foradil Aerolizer Inhaler - Novartis; Astellas Pharma; Bayer Schering Pharma; Merck
Foradil Certihaler - Novartis; Astellas Pharma; SkyePharma
Foradil HFA - Novartis; Schering-Plough
Foradil P - Novartis
Foratec - Cipla
Fordilen - Novartis
Formocaps - Biosintetica Laboratorios
Formoterol - Ranbaxy
Formoterol Easyhaler - Ranbaxy
Formoterol Easyhaler - Sandoz
Neblik - Yamanouchi; Astellas Pharma
Newitock - Korea United Pharmaceutical
Oxis Turbohaler - AstraZeneca; Pharma-Stern
Xanol - Phoenix Laboratorios
Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate Asmelor Novolizer - Meda
Foradile - Novartis
Formoair - Chiesi
Formoterol Easyhaler - Orion Pharma
Oxez - AstraZeneca
Oxez Turbuhaler - AstraZeneca
Oxeze - AstraZeneca
Oxeze Turbuhaler - AstraZeneca
Oxeze Turbuhaler Foradil - AstraZeneca
Oxis - AstraZeneca; Teva
Oxis Turbuhaler - AstraZeneca; Four Star; Teva; Zuellig Pharma
Perforomist - DEY Laboratories
Formonide - Zydus Cadila; German Remedies
Vent FB Easecaps - Kopran
Vent FB Inhaler - Kopran
Osovair - Ranbaxy
Tiotropium Bromide
Tiomate - Lupin Pharmaceuticals
Formoterol Fumarate
Beclomethasone Dipropionate
Foster - Chiesi
Formoterol Fumarate
Alenia - Biosintetica Laboratorios
Assieme - Simesa; Tecnifar
Budamate Inhaler - Lupin Pharmaceuticals
Budamate Transcaps - Lupin Pharmaceuticals
Fomtide - Sun Pharmaceutical Industries
Foracort - Cipla; Antah Pharma; Healol Pharmaceuticals; LBS Laboratory
Foracort Forte - Cipla
Foracort Neo-Haler - Cipla
Foraseq - Novartis
Formonide Novocart - Zydus Cadila; German Remedies
Neumoterol - Phoenix Laboratorios
Rilast - Esteve Farma
Simbicort - AstraZeneca
Sinestic - Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals
Symbicord - AstraZeneca
Symbiva - Ranbaxy
Formoterol Fumarate
Simplyone - Cipla
Simplyone Inhaler - Cipla
Formoterol Fumarate
Tiotropium Bromide
Triohale - Cipla
Formoterol Fumarate
Fluticasone Propionate
Avessa - Ranbaxy
Avessa Rheo - Ranbaxy
Combihale-Ff - Natco Pharma
Combihale-Ff Inhaler - Natco Pharma
Formoterol Fumarate
Mometasone Furoate
Dulera - Bayer Schering Pharma; 3M; Merck
Formoterol Fumarate
Tiotropium Bromide
Duova - Cipla
Duova Inhaler - Cipla
Duova Multihaler - Cipla
Duova Rotacaps - Cipla
Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate
Beclomethasone Dipropionate
Innovair - Chiesi
Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate
Symbicort - AstraZeneca; DKSH; Teva; Zuellig Pharma
Vannair - AstraZeneca
Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate
Budesonide Micronized
Symbicort Forte Turbohaler - AstraZeneca
Symbicort Forte Turbuhaler - AstraZeneca; DKSH
Symbicort Mite Turbohaler - AstraZeneca
Symbicort Mite Turbuhaler - AstraZeneca
Symbicort Turbohaler - AstraZeneca
Symbicort Turbuhaler - AstraZeneca; DKSH; Four Star; Zuellig Pharma
Symbicort Turbuhaler Pulverinhalator - AstraZeneca
Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate
Mometasone Furoate
Zenhale - Merck

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