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Indications and usages ATC and ICD codes:

ATC codes: D08AE02; G01AX03
ICD-10 codes: A59; B37; B97; I83; K12; L08; L29; L58; N30; N34; N64; N76; N86; T30; T81

Alphabetical lists of pharmaceutical products containing Policresulen:

Active ingredients Trade names | Pharmaceutical companies
Policresulen Albocresil - Altana Pharma; Grunenthal
Albothyl - Altana Pharma; Byk; DKSH; Nycomed; Pan-Malayan Pharmaceuticals; Pharos Indonesia; The Glory Medicina; Zuellig Pharma
Dermido - E. Tosse
Emaftol - Giovanni Ogna & Figli
Lotagen - Byk; Altana Pharma
Negaderm - Byk
Negatol - Altana Pharma; Juventus
Negatol Dental - Altana Pharma; Dr. Wild
Nelex - Altana Pharma; Byk; Meda; Nycomed; Pfizer
Vagothyl - Polfa Pabianice; Ciech; Polcommerce
Dibucaine Hydrochloride
Faktu - Altana Pharma; Byk; Meda; Nycomed; Pacific Biosciences; Pan-Malayan Pharmaceuticals; Pharos Indonesia; Ranbaxy; The Glory Medicina; Zuellig Pharma
Proctil - Altana Pharma
Proctoacid - Altana Pharma
Proctyl - Altana Pharma

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