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"Shark Liver Oil"

Indications and usages ATC and ICD codes:

ATC codes: N / A
ICD-10 codes: K60; L29

Alphabetical lists of pharmaceutical products containing Shark Liver Oil:

Active ingredients Trade names | Pharmaceutical companies
Shark Liver Oil Alkocean - Proceane Ressources Marines Laboratoires
Immutone - Pharmadass
Sharkel - Elnova Pharma
Sperti - Wyeth
Sperti Preparacion H - Wyeth
Vitaburon - Elmor Laboratorios
Shark Liver Oil
Relief Advance - Sagmel; Instituto de Angeli
Shark Liver Oil
Bismuth Subgallate
Phenylmercuric Nitrate
Zinc Oxide
Hem-Prep - G & W Laboratories
Shark Liver Oil
Cocoa Butter
Phenylephrine Hydrochloride
Hemorrhoidal Suppositories - Triad Pharmaceuticals
Shark Liver Oil
Lidocaine Hydrochloride
Bargonil - Rowe-Fleming Laboratorios
Shark Liver Oil
Hydrocortisone Acetate
Phenylmercuric Nitrate
Skin Respiratory Factor Derived (Yeast Cells)
Vitamin A
Medithane - Wyeth
Shark Liver Oil
Hydrocortisone Acetate
Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate
Relief Ultra - Sagmel
Shark Liver Oil
Live Yeast Cell Derivative
Wyanoids Relief Factor - Wyeth
Shark Liver Oil
Mineral Oil
Phenylephrine Hydrochloride
Hemorrhoidal Ointment - Perrigo
Shark Liver Oil
Theobroma Oil
Vitamin E
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Scar Serum - Palmer's; Propharm, Malaysia
Shark Liver Oil
Phenylephrine Hydrochloride
Rectacaine Ointment - Reese Pharmaceutical
Relief - Sagmel; Instituto de Angeli
Sperti Plus Preparacion H - Wyeth
Shark Liver Oil
Rectagene Medicated Balm - Pfeiffer Company
Sperti Praparation H - Wyeth
Sperti Preparacao H - Wyeth
Sperti Preparation H - Wyeth
Shark Liver Oil
Yeast (Living Cells)
Preparation H - Wyeth; Aspen Pharmacare; Neopharm, Israel; Zuellig Pharma
Preparation H Cream - Wyeth
Prepartion H - Wyeth
Shark Liver Oil
Yeast Cell Extract
Preparation H Ointmen - Wyeth
Preparation H Ointment - Pfizer; The Glory Medicina; Wyeth; Zuellig Pharma
Preparation H Suppositories - Pfizer; The Glory Medicina; Wyeth; Zuellig Pharma
Preparazione H - Wyeth
Shark Liver Oil
Yeast Extract
Medicone - Dickinson Brands
Preparacion H - Wyeth

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