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Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Jauntal-Apotheke:

Trade names Active ingredients
Apotheker Bauer's BlahungsteeAngelica; Chamomile; Coriander; Fennel; Sage
Apotheker Bauer's Brust und HustenteeCowslip Flowers; Fennel; Iceland Moss; Thyme Leaf; Verbascum Flowers
Apotheker Bauer's Franzbranntwein-GelAmmonia concentrated; Brandy
Apotheker Bauer's GrippeteeBurnet Saxifrage; Cowslip Rhizome; Crataegus; Sambucus; Tilia
Apotheker Bauer's Harntreibender TeeJava Tea; Juniper; Parsley Root; Solidago Virgaurea; Urtica
Apotheker Bauer's HuhneraugentinkturCollodion Flexible; Lactic Acid; Resorcinol; Salicylic Acid
Apotheker Bauer's InhalationsmischungEucalyptus Oil; Juniper Oil; Pumilio Pine Oil
Apotheker Bauer's KinderteeClove; Fennel; Hibiscus Flowers; Orange Flower; Pansy
Apotheker Bauer's MagenteeAngelica; Calendula; Caraway; Centaury; Mallow Leaves; Rosemary Leaf
Apotheker Bauer's MisteltinkturMistletoe
Apotheker Bauer's Nieren und BlasenteeBearberry; Birch Leaves; Java Tea; Solidago Virgaurea; Urtica

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