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Mission Pharmacal

Alphabetical lists of products trade names and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Mission Pharmacal:

Trade names Active ingredients
BinostoAlendronic Acid (Alendronate Sodium)
CalcetCalcium; Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
Calcet PlusFolic Acid; Iron; Multiminerals; Multivitamins
CalcibindCellulose Sodium Phosphate
Centurion A-ZFolic Acid; Iron; Multiminerals; Multivitamins
CitracalCalcium (Calcium Citrate)
Citracal LiquitabCalcium (Calcium Citrate)
Citracal Plus DCalcium (Calcium Citrate); Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
Citracal Plus with MagnesiumCalcium; Multiminerals; Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine); Vitamin D
Citracal PrenatalMultiminerals; Multivitamins
CompeteFerrous Gluconate; Folic Acid; Multiminerals; Multivitamins
EquiletCalcium Carbonate
EquipinHomatropine Methylbromide
FerraletIron (Ferrous Gluconate)
Ferralet PlusFolic Acid; Iron (Ferrous Gluconate); Vitamin B12
FolicetFolic Acid
FosfreeCalcium; Iron; Multivitamins
HomapinHomatropine Methylbromide
Iromin-GFerrous Gluconate; Folic Acid; Multiminerals; Multivitamins
LithostatAcetohydroxamic Acid
MagtrateMagnesium Gluconate
MaxilubeCarbomer 934; Dimethicone; Glycerol; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; Triethanolamine
Mission PrenatalFolic Acid; Iron; Multiminerals; Multivitamins
Mission Surgical SupplementFerrous Gluconate; Multiminerals; Multivitamins
OncoviteMultivitamins; Zinc
Potassium CitratePotassium Citrate
Slo-Salt-KPotassium Chloride; Sodium Chloride
SupacAcetaminophen; Aspirin; Caffeine
Super CitracalCalcium Citrate
Thera-GesicMenthol; Methyl Salicylate
Urocit-KPotassium Citrate

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