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Chapter IX

Haemorrhoids - I84

  • piles
  • varicose veins of anus and rectum
  • complicating:
  • childbirth and the puerperium ( O87.2 )
  • pregnancy ( O22.4 )
I84.0 Internal thrombosed haemorrhoids
I84.1 Internal haemorrhoids with other complications
Internal haemorrhoids:
  • bleeding
  • prolapsed
  • strangulated
  • ulcerated
  • I84.2 Internal haemorrhoids without complication
    Internal haemorrhoids NOS
    I84.3 External thrombosed haemorrhoids
    I84.4 External haemorrhoids with other complications
    External haemorrhoids:
  • bleeding
  • prolapsed
  • strangulated
  • ulcerated
  • I84.5 External haemorrhoids without complication
    External haemorrhoids NOS
    I84.6 Residual haemorrhoidal skin tags
    Skin tags of anus or rectum
    I84.7 Unspecified thrombosed haemorrhoids
    Thrombosed haemorrhoids, unspecified whether internal or external
    I84.8 Unspecified haemorrhoids with other complications
    Haemorrhoids, unspecified whether internal or external:
  • bleeding
  • prolapsed
  • strangulated
  • ulcerated
  • I84.9 Unspecified haemorrhoids without complication
    Haemorrhoids NOS

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