ICD-10 diseases codes online database

Chapter XX

Other external causes of accidental injury - W00-X59

  • W00-W19 Falls
  • W20-W49 Exposure to inanimate mechanical forces
  • W50-W64 Exposure to animate mechanical forces
  • W65-W74 Accidental drowning and submersion
  • W75-W84 Other accidental threats to breathing
  • W85-W99 Exposure to electric current, radiation and extreme ambient air temperature and pressure
  • X00-X09 Exposure to smoke, fire and flames
  • X10-X19 Contact with heat and hot substances
  • X20-X29 Contact with venomous animals and plants
  • X30-X39 Exposure to forces of nature
  • X40-X49 Accidental poisoning by and exposure to noxious substances
  • X50-X57 Overexertion, travel and privation
  • X58-X59 Accidental exposure to other and unspecified factors

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