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Chapter XXI

Transplanted organ and tissue status - Z94

  • organ or tissue replaced by heterogenous or homogenous transplant
  • complications of transplanted organ or tissue - see Alphabetical Index
  • presence of:
  • vascular graft ( Z95.- )
  • xenogenic heart valve ( Z95.3 )
Z94.0 Kidney transplant status
Z94.1 Heart transplant status
  • heart-valve replacement status ( Z95.2-Z95.4 )
Z94.2 Lung transplant status
Z94.3 Heart and lungs transplant status
Z94.4 Liver transplant status
Z94.5 Skin transplant status
Autogenous skin transplant status
Z94.6 Bone transplant status
Z94.7 Corneal transplant status
Z94.8 Other transplanted organ and tissue status
Bone marrow
Z94.9 Transplanted organ and tissue status, unspecified

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