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Pharmaceutical active ingredients:
  • Isotretinoin
  • Available forms, composition and doses of Acnetane:
  • N / A
  • Medical categories:
  • Human:
  • Acne treatment preparations
  • Skin and mucous membrane agents
  • Indications and usages, anatomical therapeutic chemical and diseases classification codes:
  • D10AD04 - Isotretinoin
  • D10BA01 - Isotretinoin
  • Pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, researchers, developers, local distributors and suppliers:
  • Adcock Ingram
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  • Comments

    13 Nov 2009, 03:37
    How do i get my dermatologist 2 put me on acnetane, im 22
    13 Nov 2009, 05:26
    hello Ntando,
    if you can't find Acnetane on your area, you can buy or order any other Isotretinoin brand as Accutane Roche or generic in online or offline pharmacy. Just choose exactly the same pharmaceutical form and dose as you prescribed.
    13 Nov 2009, 05:53
    I need acnetane
    05 Mar 2010, 00:44
    I want to know if acnetane have any side effects
    30 Mar 2010, 22:23
    I have a full box off acnetane. want to sell it
    03 Jul 2010, 05:07
    Acnetane has to be prescribed by a doctor, dont think its legal to just sell it.

    Annemare, there are so many side affects that they arent all listed on the leaflet. Its hair raising really, I just stopped taking acnetane, the only side effects I experienced was dry mouth, chapped lips,head aches and joint pain.
    09 Aug 2010, 03:09
    acnetane are ilegal to sell,,, a doctor should prescribe them to you. they dont even keep them in pharmacy sometimes,,, u have to be tested pregnancy negative
    17 Aug 2010, 00:15
    U can't just sell Acnetane..that is written on the box. Anyway I've been using it for the 2nd year now
    30 Sep 2010, 05:09
    I've been taking Acnetane for about, 5 weeks now, but I see no improvement. Should I carry on !
    01 Oct 2010, 00:59
    I have been using acnetane for about two month now. I am on treatment for 4 month... The 1st month i was very hapy with the result. since than i neva seen any pimple on my face. it is very clear. buit these days am developing pigments... wat can i do? the side affect i experienced are dry mouth en chapped lips. Joint pains and vomiting sometimes. en they make me slipy en moody
    13 Oct 2010, 23:29
    I have been on acnetane and want to know the difference between acnetane and Roaccutane.

    Which of these is more effective. I have been on acnetane for 3 months now and no improvement of my skin.
    14 Oct 2010, 04:33
    Dear Tebogo,,
    They are the same... as long as they have that name isotretinoin,,, that is wat matter,,, sometimes i got Roaccutane and sometimes acnetane.

    Roaccutane, acnetane
    and so on are company's names only,, wat matters is that is writen Isotretinoin..

    had a same problem and my doctor told me so
    14 Oct 2010, 06:14
    Thanks Esta, is just that when I googled Acnetane there is not much results rather I get accutane and roaccutane.

    I wonder if this adcock ingram product is not just a second grade product...
    05 Nov 2010, 10:34
    Guys before u start on acnetane u have to get your blood tested because it might hurt ur liver.. do not share it with a friend they 1st have2 see a dermatologist en get their own prescription.. and while on acnetane DONT feel like a hero/heroen and donate blood. u could kill a person! my doctor gave me a 4months prescription and iv been on it 4 two months.. so far so good though gotta keep away from da sun and have my labelo with everytime.. it makes my lips try en chapped..
    06 Nov 2010, 12:57
    acnetane is the best!!!
    27 Nov 2010, 15:56
    Hi been on acnetane for a month now and I have had side effects like nausea at the beggining,dry lips but and peeling lips and facial skin the problem is that I woke up this morning with mouth blisters all over my mouth,medium sized!! Did not eat anything unusual could it be the acnetane??
    28 Dec 2010, 10:15
    i was on acnetane for 3 months and now i lost my complection its over ayear and still no improvement, WHAT MUST I DO?
    13 Jan 2011, 13:17
    13 Jan 2011, 13:19
    Acnetane has side effects. Be careful.
    17 Feb 2011, 09:57
    Haai guys. I'v bn on acnetane for 2 full months now, half to my third. I literally see no improvement instead the condition is worsening. I wash my face with Epiwash its a mild soap and then apply the Bioderma Sebium Hydra,and after I put on my oil free moisterizing foundation.Is there a hope as I'm becoming hopeless now. Seen my Dermatologiest recently and was also not happy with the condition. Do I just stop or must I hang in there a little while.
    19 Feb 2011, 23:52
    its been a month since i startd acnetane, my skin z jst getin worse. Cud it b dat m smokin wyl m on da treatment?
    12 Mar 2011, 13:41
    Hi I really need to know what the side effects of acnetane is. I'm worried. What are the ways to combat the side effects? Pls help. Thanks.
    26 Mar 2011, 22:05
    my face is still eaching,im using acnetane fo 3 weeks now.
    06 Apr 2011, 19:30
    Hi, i havent taken accutane/acnetane yet.. But il like to know if the side effect of having deformed babies happens if you take the pills while pregnant? Thanx
    brenda anton
    08 Apr 2011, 18:33
    i have been using acnetane for 5 months now and lost my complexion. what must i do.
    Nasreen Mahomed
    11 Apr 2011, 12:54
    Have been on acnetane for 3 months now and not much improvement. Must I carry on taking it. Are there any serious side effects.
    ethan bullg
    11 Apr 2011, 19:01
    Like to start on acnetane! But not sure does it really work????
    15 Apr 2011, 16:18
    When using Acnetane, Suncreen its one of the Most Important thing you must Have and make sure its 30+, I am Using it and its the Best for the Skin, for Ladies ask your Dermatogiest to Prescribe Diane 35, its a good Contraceptive and it helps for Ance, Promise you that it does work,
    Acnetane its the best thou it Has its own Side Effects , but they are Managable
    06 May 2011, 01:12
    i strat my acnetane treatment since one week and i do not have any side efffect, i read a lots about it and i'm comfused i don't know if i really want to continued the treatment.

    need help,please give me somme advise
    should i continued or stop my treatment?????
    12 May 2011, 10:41
    I am 28 years old and used acnetane for 6 months. I had a few side effects, like headaches, very dry lips and nasal area. I got sick very quickly and was moody. but i pushed through and honestly havn't had any problem on my skin since.
    Just ALWAYS wear sunscreen with high spf!!
    18 May 2011, 15:24
    I used acnetane for 2 months and I didn't finish the second box because my skin was getting worse. I stopped it and my skin has dramatically improved. It didn't help me
    27 May 2011, 16:18
    hi. i just had acnetane prescribed by my gp.he explained all the side effects such as dry skin and chapped lips. he also told me how long it would take to see improvment. but apparntly it does wonders. email me if you want more info.
    08 Jun 2011, 12:52
    morning,i've used Oratane for one month as prescribed by my Dr, then the following month my Dr. gave me Acnetane, so i would like to know if these Acnetane wont disturb the Oratatne process of treatment, will there be no conflict between the two that will impact nagatively to my skin?
    11 Jun 2011, 12:23
    Hi, just went to a dermatologist..he prescribed me Acnetane...but after searching the net realised that it has so many side effects...like darkening of the skin complexion, depression, and risk of having deformed babies later....I wonder if I should take Acnetane or not?

    Please people who have used it....advise me!!

    20 Jun 2011, 15:12

    I have used accutane before for about 43 and a half months then stoped because it was costly and i wasnt seeing any visible results after i stopped my skin rapidly improved , my natural complexion improved and i had clear skin it continued like that for 6 - 7 months then the pimples started coming i have now started on acnetane and i plan to finish the treatment - i dont how it works - but hope that after finishing the teatment i will not have another problem again. hang in there guyz
    21 Jun 2011, 12:42
    Hi there, i've been on Acnetane for a month now and my skin has improved, i might be on it for only 3 months since i dont have serious acne problem, cracked,dry lips and nausea are the only side effects i'm experiencing....i'm on a pill but my derma told me to use another form of contraception on top of my pill i.e condom or abstinance; is it necessary??
    06 Jul 2011, 15:04
    i just want to use this treatment plz tel me more about it i try to steal it from my sister but im scared she look beautiful ever since she use the treatment
    06 Jul 2011, 15:17
    Hi there am about to start on the treatment and just wantadvice from the people who have used it before.what do you apply on your face,how long does it take before you start seeing improvements.thanx
    10 Jul 2011, 13:17
    people Im still on acnetane 20mg capsules and results are showing, I was told dedication was needed 4rm me if I want to get rid of my acne,u get a mild soap with the acnetane treatment and lip balm,dont use anything on your face such as exfoliaters,the reasons why most of you dont see improvements is because you smoke,drink,etc,this conflicts with acne treatment and NEVER take supplements containing vitamin A,acnetane is a derivative thereof, Zanela resend your email to me,it came incomplete....STILL NEED MORE INFO CONTACT ME @ waldimirplaatjies@gmail.com or for a faster reply connect with me on www.facebook.com/waldimirp
    20 Jul 2011, 12:37
    I have been on Acnetane for almost 2months. It works wonders. Everybody is telling me that I am glowing. I love how my skin feels even when I touch it. The only side effects I have experienced are dry lips, dry skin, sweating esp at night, sensitivity to light otherwise I am well. I wash my skin with baby acqueous and also apply it. It really helps with the dry skin, and of course I also apply sunscreen. I was also given birth control pills together with the Acnetane. It is very much worth it.
    21 Jul 2011, 23:43
    Ive bin taking 20mg acnetane 4 about 3 months now. Its amazing. Try it u'l c. Remember! U'l have 2 take some blood tests b4 starting this treatment.
    10 Aug 2011, 12:47
    I don't know if I should start this healing process or what? Indeed scare and tight of my ungly face?
    14 Aug 2011, 16:25
    hi i've been using acnetane for 2-3weeks now and i have not seen much improvement,i have also been prescribed sunscreen, a whitening cream cause i have acne scars and a neutrogena cleanser!for now i have not seen much difference, actually a friend told me that it is actually worst than before but some colleagues who went through the same process told me that it is hard and it takes time but it works so am going to keep on using it!
    16 Aug 2011, 11:15
    Hi u all, I started using Acnetane 10mg (and taking it once a day) 4 days ago - haven't experienced any side effects yet. I am dead worried about the side effects especially birth deformity cause I want to have babies of coz not while I'm on this treatment. Was wondering if anyone has much information on this or someone whose been on the treatment and have healthy babies now. The google information scarce the hell out of me. Was also wondering if female doctors would prescribed this medication to females planning to have kids in the near future?
    16 Aug 2011, 18:42
    Hi, what is the dif between acnetane and oratane
    17 Aug 2011, 01:26
    How soon can I results wen using acnetane
    17 Aug 2011, 01:32
    I tried acnetane it just made my face worse my skin got very dry and my eyes was constantly burning I stopped it immediately dnt use it anymore the side effects are very dangerous
    17 Aug 2011, 01:36
    Plz tell if acnetane is good and how soon can I see results and wat can I use for dry skin and red eyes and dry lips please let me know tks
    17 Aug 2011, 01:39
    what was happening Thando - why are u saying side effects are dangerous?As I have mentioned its my 4th day but this evening my eyes were starting to bother me so I bough I drops and I constanly moisure my lips and hands. I'm starting to have serious doubTs.
    17 Aug 2011, 20:07
    guys did your dermatologist prescribe it to you or what!?these pills have to be prescribed because it does not suit everyone!
    i think if the side effects are really too harsh you should go consult as soon as you can cause this is serious!this treatment is prohibited in some countries because of the "dangerous" side effects.
    i only have dry skin and very dry lips but my eyes are fine!my lips are hurting all day long but my dermatologist told me that after a month my skin will be better and it's been only 2weeks and a half!i'm waiting!
    26 Aug 2011, 22:07
    it sometimes amazes me that the derma's propably know what they are talking about, but talk as if they don't. people, do research on your treatment before you start and have an open disscussion with your derma, sugesst options and be part of your treatment. remember im still available on any dis-clearity on acnetane so email me. good luck.
    13 Sep 2011, 13:41
    Acnetane ROCKS! M 19 been on it for 6months,pimples are a story of the past. Side effects>>> dry chapped mouth,loss of complexion,dry red eyes,liver damage(use milk thistle for this) bt remember every1 will have diffrnt side effects.
    13 Sep 2011, 18:58
    Im using Acnetane, this is a second month now,i can see the little bit of change on my face but the dark marks are still there,wat shouls are use for dark marks
    17 Sep 2011, 19:24
    I Have been on Acnetane for about 3 and a Half weeks, i have noticed a diference, , for the better but theses Side affects are scary now, i had major headaches nothing like what ive ever experinced before in my life, and sweating too its as if i have a Raging Fever. not sure if i should cut down on my dosage as i am taking 3 pills a day 20mg each.. should i cut down on my dosage?
    01 Nov 2011, 20:13
    Evening 4rnds im on acnetane 4 a month now de only side effects im getting are dry mouth, noise ,eyes and painful joints and is also darkening my complexion what can i use 2 wash my face
    11 Nov 2011, 19:49
    I have been on acnetane tretment for 2 weeks now en I hope to experience good results. I am committed to it.
    16 Nov 2011, 17:02
    is it a msut to take acnetane with prevention pills and what can i use for dark marks that were left by pimples?
    14 Jan 2012, 16:27
    I'm on acnetane painfil joint, lossing my complexion, red dry chiping lips, headache, I'm gaining weight. And I am willing to complete it for next coming 2 months. This is worries my family and it discourages me. It is almost 4months Im using acnetane..
    17 Jan 2012, 13:56
    I'm on acnetane for seven months till now.My treatment will end on feb. I'm getting married in the beginning of June.Suppose, I get pregnant,after a one months after my marriage. Will my baby have deformities? will my baby be affected? please explain to me, its very important for me to know. Thanks
    20 Jan 2012, 07:28
    Hi guys, I'm on acnetane 4 a week now my skin is getting slowly better. Side effects: dry lips, dry nose, I use vaseline for my lips and nose my eyes are still fine though my Derma prescribed eye drops, I apply sunblock day time @ night moisturiser (DermoPal). I actually see a lot of difference I take 3 daily 20mg. Should I expect breakouts of pimples anytime soon or what?
    09 Feb 2012, 22:29
    Hi. I started 6 days ago with acnetane. Derma prescribed Diane 35 for me and it makes me nausea. She also prescribed a cleanser, reconstructive cream and sun sun block with SPF50. My lips are starting to get dry.I take 10mg in the morning and 20 in the evening. Also prescribed pills called purmycin. I do not know what they are for, but I take 2 every 8 hours. I am hoping after all this, I no longer have pimples. Its gonna be a long 6 months.
    13 Feb 2012, 11:44
    Elisha-i was on acnetane b4-you are not allowed to fall pregannat for 6 mnths after acnetane course has been completed-and for those who have concerns of having deformed babies-that's only if u fall preganany whilst on acnetane-but after 6 mnths of completeing the course-ur good to go
    13 Feb 2012, 15:14
    Thank you very much for the information kayleen.Thanks once again for clearing my doubts.
    21 Feb 2012, 17:44
    ohh the 1st 3 weeks was a nightmare, my skin got darker and was peeling too, it was like i was seeing somebody else in the mirror. It is getting bette. my mouth was cracking on the side, this thing rearranges a human being, i dont think i would want to do it again, i cant handle these pink lips,
    11 Jun 2012, 00:41
    I started acnetane 2008 november it was 20g.i was for 2month i dnt wanna lie it treated me very well i could see,a change within 4 days because my body react so quick to medication.i was taking on pill a day only @ night.my lips were dry,ache body.doctor gave me bioderm for face but i ran out it quick she advance me to use cream with water base in it no oil.m skin was super clean in that process.until 2009 july.i got rash again i knew acne was back again i took some acnetane 10g this time as it was not that bad.i was fine again so what i did.i told myself that 'm gonna take one pill every after 3days of which it worked for me.now i notice i develop pigmentation i wanna know is it caused by acnetane.when will i stop to take actane because it sees like there is noway out.what happens is i can skip 4 month now without taking any but along the way acne keep on coming back and whenever i try other pills or creams they just make it worse lucky enough for me i can tell when something doesnt work because i only need to take it for 3-4days and results will show.
    23 Aug 2012, 10:00
    I started using acnetane a week ago and my derma told me that I should take it for 1 week and wait for 3 weeks without taking it and start again after 3 weeks for another weeks. so he gave me a treatment for 3 months.
    But my lips are sore,pink,peeling and dry. I suffer with headache in the mornings everday. very moody as well
    29 Sep 2012, 19:52
    I was diagnose with Glaucoma and my left eye picture has faded already,i can only see with right eye.My dermatologist gave me these ACNETANE pills to heal my skin problem.I would like to know if do i continue with the treatment or stop.Thanks
    17 Feb 2014, 20:48
    Hi , I have been using acnetane 10 mg for about 3 weeks now . I saw a change before but just recently I have started getting really bad break outs and my lips are pink and stuff . I look like a zombie !! I'm on a 6 week treatment , do I hang in there?
    24 Apr 2014, 22:15
    I hv using acnetane for 2months but my skin are much better but I experienced chaped dry lips

    01 Jul 2014, 23:31
    I recently started using acnetane(10mg) its been 3 days now I'm having constant headaches,my body is aching ,I'm moody,I eat less,I dnt long to drink water, I always feel tired,my lips go dry is this normal ??or shuld I start panicking or go see a Dr
    16 Aug 2014, 18:41
    @ayanda, umust make sure that u drink enough water.mood swings are normally experienced, just hang in there!. i honestly think that acnetane helps a lot.... my only problem is that ive developed a rash under my eyes and on my cheeks and i dont know what to apply to remove it. help anyone?
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