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Indications and usages ATC and ICD codes:

ATC codes: D10AD04; D10AD54; D10BA01
ICD-10 codes: N / A

Alphabetical lists of pharmaceutical products containing Isotretinoin:

Active ingredients Trade names | Pharmaceutical companies
Isotretinoin Accuran - Alvia
Accure - Alphapharm
Accutane - Roche; HLR
Accutin - Sandoz; DuraScan Medical Products
Acne Vit - C.T.S. Chemical Industries
Acnemin - Vinas
Acneral - Chile Laboratorios
Acnetane - Adcock Ingram
Acnetrex - Mega Lifesciences; Metro Drug Distribution
Acnex - Unichem Laboratories
Acno - Ajanta Pharma
Acnogen - Genepharma Group
Acnotin - Bago Laboratorios; Agencia Lei Va Hong; Goldplus Universal; IDS Group; Mega Lifesciences; Zuellig Pharma
A-Cnotren - Pharmathen Pharmaceutical; Berli Jucker
Acutret - Ipca Laboratories
Acutrex - Medica Korea; International Apex Pharmaceuticals
Acutrine - Korean Drug
Adclin - Sigman Wellness
Aisoskin - Fidia Farmaceutici
AjuAkinol - Phil Inter Pharma
Aknefug ISO - Dr. August Wolff Arzneimittel
Aknenormin - Boots; Hermal Kurt Herrmann
Aknesil - Farmanic
Amnesteem - Genpharm; Bertek Pharmaceuticals; Mylan
Atlacne - Atlas Farmaceutica
Bio-Acne - Softgel Healthcare
Cecnoin - Ranbaxy
Chem Mart Isotretinoin - GenRx; Symbion Pharmacy
CIP-Isotretinoin - Cipher Pharmaceuticals
Ciscutan - Pelpharma Handels
Claravis - Barr Laboratories
Clarus - Mylan
Clarus - Prempharm
Contracne - Bailleul Biorga Laboratoires
Curacne - Pierre Fabre
Curacneu - Pierre Fabre
Curakne - Pierre Fabre
Curatane - Taro Pharmaceutical Industries; SCA Lohnherstellungs
Cutret - Captab Biotec
Dercutane - Cantabria
Dermaoral - Arrow Pharmaceuticals
Derminoin - Med-One
Elvac - Elnova Pharma
Flexresan - A.S.A.C. Pharma
GenRx Isotretinoin - GenRx
Inotrin - Medicus, Greece
Iret - Cosme Health Care
Isac - Systopic Laboratories
Isdiben - ISDIN
Iso Estedi - Estedi
Isoacne - Schering-Plough
Iso-Aret - Shalaks Pharmaceuticals
Isobest - Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
Isocutan - Hexal
Isoderm - Dermapharm
Isodermal - Kleva
Isoface - Valeant Pharmaceuticals; ICN Pharmaceuticals; Procaps
Isofact - Medico Healthcare
Isogeril - Gerolymatos
Isohexal - Hexal
Isoret - BMW Pharmaco India
Isoskin - Biospray
Isosol - Sanova Pharma
Isotane - Micro Labs; Pacific Pharmaceuticals; Premier Pharma Supply; Shanghai Yanan Pharmaceutical
Isotin - Affy Pharma
Isotina - Tai Guk Pharm
Isotret - Hexal
Isotretinoin - Beacon Pharmaceuticals
Isotretinoin - Mepha
Isotretinoin - Ranbaxy
Isotretinoin - Ratiopharm
Isotretinoin - Sandoz
Isotretinoin - Stada
Isotretinoine - Teva
Isotretinon - Ranbaxy
Isotrex - Stiefel Laboratories; Allphar Services; David Sparks; Diethelm; Ferring; Firma Popular; GlaxoSmithKline; Mediner; OTC Consult; Perrigo; Sanova Pharma; Valeo Pharma; Zuellig Pharma
Isotriz - Ritz Pharma
Isotroin - Cipla; Farmanic
Istret - Sandoz
Izotren - Naphaco
Liderma - Teva; Medika, Switzerland
Lisacne - Andromaco Laboratorios
Lyotret - Biomedica-Chemica
Martoco - Chung Gei Pharma
Myorisan - Douglas Pharmaceuticals
Myspa - Me Di Sun
Neotrex - Serral
Neovitamin A Acid
Newmecoin - Asia Pharm
Nextin - Biochemix Health Care
Nimegen - Medica Korea; Zyfas Medical
Noitron - Help, Greece
Opridan - Farmedia
Oratane - Douglas Pharmaceuticals; Apex Pharma Marketing; Darier Laboratorios Dermatologicos; Genepharm; Grafton Pharmasia; Hind Wing; Pharmaplan; Schmidt BioMedTech
Orotrex - Medinfar Laboratorio
Piplex - Recalcine Laboratorios
Policano - Rafarm
Proacne - T Man Pharma
Procuta - Expanscience Laboratoires
Reducar - G.A. Pharmaceuticals; Health Alliance International
Retasol - Retinoids
Retinide - Ingens Laboratorios
Retinoic Ointment - Retinoids
Reto - Agio Pharmaceuticals
Roaccutan - Roche; F. Uhlmann-Eyraud
Roaccutane - Roche; DKSH; Firma Chun Cheong; R.P. Scherer; SERP Laboratoire; Zuellig Pharma
Roacnetan - Roche
Roacutan - Roche
Scheritonin - Bayer Schering Pharma
Sotret - Ranbaxy; Diethelm Keller
Stiefotrex - Gabriel Health
Terry White Chemists Isotretinoin - Faulding; GenRx; Symbion Pharmacy
Tinoin - Okasa Pharma; LF Asia Pharmaceutical Division
Trecifan - Vocate Pharmaceuticals
Tretin - Gerolymatos
Tretinac - Spirig Pharma
Tretiva - Intas Pharmaceuticals
Tufacne - Abbott
Viean Nang Meam ETS - BTO Pharmaceutical
Zitan - Emgen Healthcare
Zonatian - LKM Laboratorio
Isotrexol - Stiefel Laboratories
Antibiotrex - Stiefel Laboratories
Isotrex Eritromicina - Stiefel Laboratories
Isotrexin - Stiefel Laboratories; Allphar Services; Delta Medical; Sanova Pharma; Zuellig Pharma


a user of this medicament
23 Jan 2011, 22:21
i am an 19 year old girl,who used accuran isotretinoin with a doctor presciption without knowning all the side effects of this medicament.
i regret taking this drug becouse since i took it i have been suffering from an extensive period of hair loss.
i am affraid to wash my hair ,even to comb it.A monstruous person ,called doctor recommanded me to take this drug to fight against a skin infection.
in this period i am suposed to have the exams season ,and i cant be concentrated because i 'm losing all my selfconfidence.I don't wnat even to look myself in the mirror.My eyes have started to create brown shadows,and lately i"m constantly dismissing my class hours .I don't wnat others to see me in this condition.PLESAE,PLEASE HELP ME.I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.HOW CAN I STOP MY HAIR LOSS.
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